Meyer Lemon and Cheese Crostinis


  • small, soft-crust bread
  • meyer lemons
  • pantaleo (or other citrus-note) cheese
  • olive oil


Prep 10 |  Cook10 |  Serves: 1
  1. 1) Cut small crostinis from fresh bread. Be sure to cut small enough so the appetizer can be eaten in one bite and choose a bread with a soft crust so it does not become overly hard when toasting. Lightly brush both sides of crostinis with olive oil. Very thinly slice meyer lemon and discard seeds.
  2. 2) Using a cheese plane, slice curls of cheese. Put cheese curls on plate and put in the refrigerator while cooking rest of dish.
  3. 3) Toast crostinis, then set aside on serving plate. Grill both sides of lemon slices, then add one slice of lemon to each crostini.
  4. 4) Add one curl of cheese to top of each lemon with crostini and serve.