Bacon-Wrapped Date Stuffed With Blue Cheese


  • dates
  • blue cheese
  • bacon


Prep 15 |  Cook15 |  Serves: 1
  1. 1) Line a rimmed cookie sheet(s) with aluminum foil. Place bacon strips in single layer on cookie sheet(s) and cook on grill until bacon is half-way cooked. Bacon should NOT be crispy.
  2. 2) While bacon is cooking, slice open the dates and remove the seeds. Stuff the seed cavity with blue cheese and close up the date.
  3. 3) Let the bacon cool so it can be handled. Wrap bacon around date and secure with toothpick or skewer.
  4. 4) Cook on grill first with the cut side of the date facedown. After bacon is cooked on the cut side of the date, flip and cook other side. Let cool slightly and serve.